Maritime Journalist Betsy Frawley Haggerty

The Statue of Liberty and Pioneer

The Statue of Liberty and Pioneer

This website offers a snapshot of my work as a writer, editor, photographer and aficionado of all things maritime.

My career as a journalist and writer spans more than forty years, from the time I wrote a profile of a brash, young real estate developer named Donald J. Trump for a group of Manhattan community newspapers to more recent articles for recreational boating and maritime industry publications.

Samples of my writing on this website include my award-winning story about the 9/11 Rescue by Boat, when, as the Twin Towers collapsed, hundreds of boats large and small ferried a half-million people to safety in New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens. You will also find travel articles, boating columns, personality profiles and event coverage along with photographs and information about my work in waterfront planning, event production for nonprofit organizations and more.

Today, I am a New-York-City-based freelancer available to travel for assignments. Please contact me directly with requests for articles, editing work, marketing communications or photography.